Monday, September 8, 2014

Hot August and September! New Pics!

Companion and Investigator Selfie

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Companion's Breakfast Burger!

August 18, 2014

Dear All:

Things are going pretty well here! We’ve gotten some really good progress with 3 investigators. We committed the three of them to a baptism date on September 20th. Also I’m still here in my area for this transfer. Most missionaries here have 6 months in each area, but obviously it depends what President says. We have some really good relationships here and the teenagers here are awesome. We’re actually about to go play volleyball with them after we write today! So I’m excited for that.

We were waiting for the bus Saturday and I started talking to this girl and gave her a pass along card with our number and what not, then she told me she was an atheist. But I said that our message is for everyone and it doesn’t hurt to listen. She kinda shrugged it off. But the next day we saw her on the bus again and talked with her for about an hour after we got off the bus. She told me she doesn’t believe in God because both her dad and brother are in jail for 10 plus nears for drug trafficking. But we gave her a brief overview of the plan of salvation and she asked about the Book of Mormon. I explained it to her, and gave her one. We joked for a while after that and talked for about half an hour in the street and she texted us today saying that she was up until 3 in the morning reading the Book of Mormon and the Plan of Salvation pamphlet. So we’re super excited about that! But she doesn’t live in our area... Sad day. But it’s okay, great experience! 

We also went looking for the group of teenagers we met, and we had a lesson with 12 or 13 of them sitting around on the porch listening in 100 degree weather in their last days of summer vacation, so that was something pretty special. Then we came back the next day and there was even more! haha We’re getting pretty well known in Santa Rocio. They’re all great kids, but were probably gonna start teaching them separately because obviously they all have different needs and questions and it’s really hard to focus on just one kid. We walked by again the other day and no one was there, but the family of one of the kids we’re teaching invited us in and we talked for a little bit about why we’re here and that God is our loving Heavenly Father. It went really well, I think. Plus they told us we could come over any time we want, and if we ever need anything we can call them! So some pretty amazing experiences this week!

I have some more stories about my companion, but I’m not gonna share them because I’m trying to be more positive. Also I only have 2 hours on the computer. No, not really. It’s just a couple of things. But were having some pretty good success together, and we teach really well together. Things are going really well here.

Glad that you’re all having fun at home! Also, I found a funny scripture this week in Doctrine and Covenants77:2 it’s a revelation received through Joseph Smith about the descriptions from Revelations. Basically we learn that animals have spirits. They’re different from ours, but they still have them! Which basically means ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN!!!! Ahah. And Genesis 4:24 is for Ben. It’s about his favorite band ahah 

Also we went to the hospital twice because Elder Moya thought he had Denge Fever, which is basically the Mexican version of malaria, and it sucks alot. But he was good, just a little sick. But we did find some other Elders from Washington! One lives in Aberdeen and one in Redmond! Small world! ahah so that was cool. Also if you could send me a new adapter thing for my camera memory card because that got lost in my wallet too, that would be great. Also forward me Josh’s emails! haha  

Love you all! Hope everything is going great!

Elder Latimer

August 25, 2014

This week was pretty awesome!

Really fun. We had a missionary activity in the chapel. We did Lehi’s dream. It was awesome we had an iron rod of pvc pipe and had temptations in a bunch of the rooms in the hallways (like music, tv, food) and a bunch of people showed up it was really fun and a great success. 

The members here are so awesome. We have so much fun and lots of laughs together, especially when we eat with them. There’s one member named Toto (his nickname). He’s a less active, but he’s super cool. He’s 24 years old and is an ex-gangster. He was in jail for 4 years for armed robbery, and has been out for 8 months now. He tells us lots of his gangster stories and how horrible Mexican prisons are! ahah But he’s super awesome and wants to serve a mission so that’s great. And he just got a hernia removed but he still came to church Sunday even though he could hardly walk! 

We’ve been having a lot of success this week. We found 3 new families who are super prepared to hear the gospel. One was a reference, and her name is Francisca and her sons name is Jesus. She’s been reading the Liahona (magazine) for like 3 years and loves everything in it. So we invited her to church, and she came with her son and she took notes on a napkin during gospel principles. And later that night we gave her and her son the first lesson, and they accepted baptismal dates, and her son even helped us teach the lesson using an object lesson he learned in Sunday school! Super awesome family.

We also found a new investigator her name is Itzel. She’s like 16 and has lots of friends who are Mormon. She told her friends that are in our ward that she wants to get baptized, and she came to the church activity, so were gonna follow up with her soon!

One of our investigators is kinda crazy. Her name is Aida. I think she has some mental problems, and she’s also studying the bible with Jehovahs Witnesses so she’s getting really confused. She came to church with our other investigator and her neighbor named Guadalupe. Guadalupe is super awesome -- not very bright but she tries really hard to study and understand everything. But, anywho, Aida told us it’s our fault her kids treat her badly, and they don’t listen to her. When in reality it’s just she doesn’t discipline her kids. And she is afraid of Elder Moya and says he isn’t charming or something like that, (she said that to the sister missionaries) and she wants the sisters to teach her. I said that they’re welcome to teach her, cuz she’s super difficult.

The sisters in our district had a baptism.  The man’s family was just baptized but he had to wait a little bit to quit smoking to get baptized, but he’s super tight. They bought carne asada tacos the night before. Then I spoke at his baptism, and Elder Moya baptized him. Then we confirmed him during sacrament meeting it was super awesome. We’re expecting at least 3 or 4 baptisms this change, so I’ll keep you posted. 

Were super excited and all of our patience is finally paying off! Everything is going great here

Love, Elder Latimer

September 1, 2014

This week was pretty great.

We had a multi-zone meeting downtown in Culiacan with President Velez, the assistants, and basically everyone. Our mission is basically 3 missions, Culiacan, Los Cabos, and Mazatlan. But we learned a lot of great stuff so we were all pretty stoked about that. They taught us we should pray really specifically to find new investigators. 

So Elder and Moya were working at the furthest point in our area that we don’t know very well because we didn’t have any appointments or anything. And we don’t knowIanyone so we decided to say a specific prayer, and I said it. And I prayed that we’d find a family sitting outside on their porch talking and that we would be able to contact them.

So we start walking and there’s a couple of guys sitting outside, and we decide to talk to them, and they’re all smoking weed and rolling more joints and stuff. And we contacted one of them, when we started talking to him he quickly passed his joint to his friend. Ahah. But he said that he wants to learn more so that’s pretty cool. We’ll see.

But we walked a little bit further and found a family sitting outside talking on their porch and we contacted them and they’re super cool and are pretty excited to learn more and meet with us. We need to find a time to go back this week and meet with them because they live really far away but were gonna try. 

We had some good lessons, but Francisca and Jesus and Guadalupe (investigators with baptismal dates) didn’t come to church Sunday because they got some emergency call to go help a family member or something. And I don’t know why Guadalupe didn’t come. But were gonna visit them more frequently.

We had an investigator blow up on us for no reason. I personally think she’s bipolar, and not just because she blew up on us, but for lots and lots and lots of reasons. ahah. But we went to her house to say “hi” and put another appointment during the week. And we got there right when the power company shut off their lights so she was pretty mad. But she told us to come in and talk so we did. 

Then she just blew up about literally everything that has ever happened in her life. Screaming at us saying it’s our fault her family is messed up because we didn’t fix her family and her kids don’t listen to her. And I don’t think she heard a single thing we said during it, but we both kept calm. I think she needs professional help. She told me that I’m racist, and I asked how and she said because the U.S doesn’t allow illegal immigrants. Then she said were selective because we don’t teach everyone in her street and how her neighbors must all feel bad because we don’t visit them. Then I showed her in my planner our plans to visit her neighbors and she told me to shut up. ahah. 

Needless to say I’ not excited to go back there. 

Also I battled the double headed dragon this Sunday, which in case you don’t know is when you have to go to the bathroom and puke at the same time and decide which one you want to do. (I didn’t really), but I was puking during sacrament meeting because I have golpe de color which literally means “heat punch” in Spanish. But I’m pretty sure its heat stroke ahah.

Then I went and laid down in a room during sacrament meeting and during the prayer and 5 year old decided to run and jump full force on my stomache during the prayer because he thought I was sleeping. If I wasn’t a missionary I would have smacked that kid. And a doctor in the ward checked me out for free and told me to drink electrolytes and assured me I should drink it now. So we went to a little store nearby and bought one. And I drank it really slow but then puked it all up again 5 minutes later. It was really funny because while a was puking a little kid in the ward was watching me in the bathroom and kept asking "Elder Latimer are you puking?" Then I’d say “yes” and puke again then he’d ask again immediately after. Ahah. This happened about five times. I was trying not to laugh while I was puking ahha.

But the members are super awesome. While I was resting up at our house like 5 different families came buy brought medicine, juice, fruits, and electrolyte stuff. So that was really helpful. I still don’t feel too hot today but we only have 2 appointments so I’ll see how I feel. Also this week it was over 120 again for two days when we practically walked all day which is probably why I’m sick. And it was about 85 degrees at night! Crazy heat here. But I’m surviving. 

That’s awesome about Jonathan and Jace up at the lake! Glad everyone is doing well up there! We’re hoping to have some baptisms before this change is over so I’ll keep you all updated! Take care. Love you all!

Elder Latimer

September 8, 2014


Sounds like everything is going well at home! Love hearing how everyone is doing. This week was pretty normal but we had a lot of fun and were still teaching a lot. We don’t really do much on p-days because it’s too freaking hot and there’s like nothing to do in our area so we take naps and go hangout with members in their houses. 

Everything is better now. I was at 100% by Tuesday, so I’m grateful for that. We had a pretty funny experience. We were working In Aguaruto, the more ghetto part of our area where are the big drug deals go down. And we had an appointment at 8 at night in the very very last street in the neighborhood (by the way Aguaruto is so big it could be its own area). So we were walking in sort of a dangerous part and some guy asked us if we were lost. Needless to say that didn’t really comfort us. But I always feel comfortable and safe here. I’m not really afraid to get robbed or anything. I mean if they want 40 pesos and scriptures have at it ahha. 

Yesterday we went to Aguaruto to visit some people, and every single one of our plans fell through so that kinda sucked. But teenagers love to yell swearwords at us in English because it’s the only English they know. They don’t do it in a mean way they just want to see my reaction. But I called some of them over because I told them I didn’t know what language they were trying to speak haha. But then I started messing with them and I was like "you dont know what that means right?" And they said, “yeah, it’s a swear word.” And I told them that it’s not a swear word and that it means, “I’m gay” ahahh. They all turned bright red because they had just yelled it like 10 times ahha. I don’t think they'll be swearing again soon ahah. 

We had another lesson with our crazy investigator. Well sort of. Her neighbor is progressing really well, and she has a baptism date for September 20th. And she comes over uninvited when she hears us. I think she has a multi personality disorder. Our mission president said not to visit her anymore and to tell bishop to talk to her. She came to church again and apparently was really, really rude to the sister missionaries during relief society. But afterwards she told me she loved relief society and has a really good bond with the other sisters in the ward... I think she’s delusional ahah. 

I feel like I’ll probably get transferred after this change, but nothings for certain ahah. This mission is crazy. You can never tell where you’re going to get transferred. It’s crazy hearing about my friends from college that are going to be going home in a couple months. I’m a little bit behind. I just hope they won’t all be married by the time I get back. That would be a huge bummer.

I think I’m going to wait to Christmas to send you all the stuff I bought for your birthdays and other holidays because it will be cheaper. Ask Joe, Jonathan, and Jace, if there’s anything specific they want from Mexico, and I’ll look for it. 

Glad everyone is doing great! We’re expecting some baptisms soon, and my Spanish is still getting really good. Still not fluent but I’m still dreaming in Spanish ahah so that’s tight. Miss you all! Love you all!

Elder Latimer