Monday, November 17, 2014

October and November in Mexico; More Pics; Training a New Missionary!

October 20, 2014

Dear All:

This week was pretty productive. I feel like so much goes on here I can’t communicate all the thousands of hilarious or weird stories I’ve experienced. For about every story I’ve shared with you there are like 10 more just like it. ahah. So I get kinda frustrated writing letters because I want to tell everything but it’s basically impossible. 

So I got my first ingrown toenail this week. It was gross. I’ve never had one before so we went to an investigator’s house and I told her about it and she said she could take it out. So stupid me decides it’s a good idea. She had me soak my foot for like 20 minutes in water and there were like some small swimming worms in it but she said it doesn’t matter. Then she like stabbed me in the toe for 20 minutes with nail clippers, like really deep under my toenail to get it all out. It was hilarious because my comp almost puked. ahahah. Then she poured alcohol on it and today it’s like inflamed and I don’t know. If it’s worse tomorrow I’ll go to the doctor. 

The people are pretty fond of me here, especially our investigators. We have a few that always tell me they hope I don’t leave this transfer, which makes me feel bad because my companion never really talks, so I feel like he doesn’t care about them as much, which kinda hinders our progress. I’m sure he does, he just doesn’t talk so it’s hard for people to get to know him. 

Also we’re totally poor because the elders we were with wasted all of their money and so did my comp. I had like 2000 pesos yesterday but I had to pay their bills and all this crap. I’m getting a reimbursement for it, but it’s annoying because now I have like 200 pesos to my name. ahah. It was funny because I went to a little store (which are like all over Mexico). They’re called tiendas. Anywho, I went there to buy breakfast and my comp tried to buy something and I kinda grilled him in front of the clerk. Ahah. I like yelled at him in Spanish telling him he’s poor and wasted his money so he doesn’t get to eat. ahhah. It was kinda mean, but I’ve paid all the bills and all transportation this change, so I feel like I’m justified in it. ahah. 

I also gave my first talk in sacrament meeting, and I told a really cheesy joke in Spanish. And I told this joke before in a baptism and everyone laughed so I figured I’d try it in a different ward. ahah. It didn’t work. Everyone was silent.... Then I said in Spanish, “It’s funny. Laugh.” Ahha. Then people started cracking up so that was hilarious. But I spoke about diligence, and I talked about the Savior’s life and how he spent 3 days walking to be baptized and a bunch of other stories and how he told Peter to feed his sheep 3 times. I think it went pretty good. 

I’ll write about our investigators when they’re approaching baptism. We have like 2 baptismal dates right now, but we teach a lot of people and I don’t wanna describe all of them. ahah. There’s nothing I really need for Christmas. More ties maybe, and new boots. I wear my boots like every day here because the streets are horrible and the hills are really steep so it’s kinda impossible to wear normal shoes. 

Ben wrote me. Ryan hasn’t for a while I’ll write him today again. Things are good here. I’m just nervous about my toe. I feel like it might keep me from working. Also president just put a rule that we can’t play any sports until he says anything further. But that’s okay because it’s impossible to play sports in this heat. But yeah, Elder Blodgett (other missionary) and I found us a house and we’re gonna move in this week. So well finally have some space. The district leaders told me I’ll probably train someone this next transfer so well see.

I feel like the missions in the states are like a whole different world from the pictures I see from Jordan and Jared and Josh. But things are really good here. Too bad about the Hawks and BYU (football). Kinda disappointing. 

Love you all!

Elder Latimer

October 27, 2014

My feet are totally fine now! Thank goodness! I went downtown with the mission doctor and we saw some podiatrist, I think. But yeah she like cut my toes open with a scalpel and took out two pretty huge nails from inside my foot. It really didn’t hurt that much, so that was awesome. Then I could walk perfectly immediately afterwards so that was awesome. 

I was poor for so long, because my companion blew all his money like the first 3 weeks. Then he always says he doesn’t have money and randomly takes out 50 pesos when were in the store, which makes me mad because I’m pretty sure he’s got like a secret stash of money and made me pay for a bunch of stuff I didn’t have to. It’s kinda hard working here right now, and I’m definitely passing through some trials right now. Because the area is new, we don’t have any materials, a fridge, and I had to buy an iron and toilet paper with my own money this week because we moved into the new house even though it basically doesn’t have anything. But the mission is gonna pay me back.

It’s hard working with Elder Z. because he told me he doesn’t wanna be here. So he doesn’t have a lot of desire to help people or help me. Like when we teach lessons it’s basically me, and I have to verbally ask him to help me in the lesson or to testify. But I’m trying to help him get excited about the work, but he’s kinda a buzz kill. But I’m staying positive. Also he like never responds when I try to start conversations with him. He just grumbles or says, “uh.” 

But the district leaders told me that they think he will probably leave the area and I’ll train someone new so well see about that. I hope I get to train Kaleb Decker. That would be amazing! These  P-days have sucked because were not allowed to play sports for a while because a missionary broke his leg and got sent home so president is paranoid for us. So we literally just sit inside eat candy sleep and study. It sucks because I can’t to the gym either because they don’t open early enough in the morning. 


Marco, Darían, David: Awesome family of a less active member. David is only 6 though, but he’s hilarious and Marco is like 11, so they remind me a lot of Jonathan and Jace. They have very similar personalities. They always ask me about when were gonna have transfers cuz they don’t want me to leave. ahah. We have cool handshakes and everything. Marco is on track to get baptized in a few weeks, and Darían is too, except for she always says I don’t wanna get baptized because then I’ll have to read the scriptures and go to church. She’s so freaking lazy. But she’s awesome because she still does all that anyways. 

Obdulia: She was a street contact and she adores us. We brought her to church this last week, and she loved it and wants to keep going, and she has a baptismal date in November as well. Her family loves us too, but they don’t really listen when we teach, they just love to talk. They’re really friendly and stuff so it’s hard to get them to listen to a lesson. But yeah, they invited us to a theme park and to go to the beach with them, which sucked because we had to explain to them we couldn’t. Also we got invited to the birthday party of her niece so that was pretty fun too. Ahah. The whole family loves us so they’re very fun.

We’re not teaching a whole lot of people cuz the area is still really new, but these are the investigators who are really promising. 

The joke (in Spanish) doesn’t really translate, but I was talking about Jesus walking from Galilea to Jordan to be baptized, and how it’s a really big distance, and we know that John was called John the Baptist not John the Taxi Driver! It makes more sense in Spanish, I’ll write it below. 

Jesucristo caminaba desde Galilea hasta Jordán para ser bautizado, la cual es una distancia muy grande, casi igual de Culiacan hasta Mazatlan, y sabemos que el hombre que bautizó a Jesucristo, se llamaba Juan el Bautista, y no Juan el taxista.  

But yeah things are going pretty decent, I guess. Time’s passing really fast. I really miss going camping, that’s what I would say to missionaries who are about to hit the field. Go camping before you leave. ahah. 

I miss Halloween! It’s like my favorite holiday, but “dia de los muertos” is pretty big here. It’s like bigger than Christmas. Ahah. Also in my next package could you guys print out like a lot of pictures from like my whole life or at least cool moments with the family, vacations and stuff like that and sports? Because like all the Elders have like their life stories in pictures, and I’d like to have that too. ahah. 

Love you all! Miss you!

November 3, 2014

Things are going better. I’m kinda forcing my companion to talk more. Ahah. I kinda have to straight up say, "hey, it’s your turn to talk now." Haha. But some days are better than others. People keep telling me I’m gonna start training soon, so I’m kinda hoping we have changes. But I’ve definitely learned patience, and how to be humble with my comp. Because he’s the senior comp, but I literally do everything. All he does is carry the phone, and I tell him who to call. haha. But he’s getting better.

This week was pretty average. Drunk people really like to talk to us. We taught like 3 super drunk dudes who were crying. One got really mad at Elder Z. because he interrupted him, then he told Elder Z. that hes’ not a representative of Jesus Christ. Then Elder Z. got super mad and actually started to talk but I had to cut him off and tell the guy he misunderstood because he’s super drunk and stuff. Ahha. I thought they were gonna start throwing fists in the street! 

We had some really good lessons this week and Obdulia came to a baptism with us because she wasn’t gonna be able to go church. We’re finishing up the lessons with Marco and Darihan, so they should get baptized this next week!  I feel like I have a really good relationship with all our investigators and all the members so I’m pretty content in this area.

The only thing that sucks is that we basically have nothing to do here because we can’t play sports, and we need permission to leave the area, so for the past like 3 weeks we haven’t done anything.

Not a whole lot of interesting stuff happened this week. I’m about to finish all of the standard works in Spanish. I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish a month ago, and I’m almost done with the D&C. I’m pretty proud of myself because I understand all of it too! And I’m like half way through Saint Luke in the Bible. I’ve read Jesus The Christ, Our Brief History, and Our Search for Happiness. I just have to read the Old Testament. That’s gonna be a doozy . That’s crazy Josh is coming home soon! The time really passes quickly. I’ll be home before I know it the time literally flies by. 

I had a random thought last night about Calvin Song. I want to write him if you c ould get his email that would be great! And just post a general thing on FB to write me cuz I’d like to see letters from random friends I haven’t talked to in a while.   

For Christmas I’d just like some  ties, cologne, new boots, a straight razor like James Bond. I wanna learn to shave with one and I almost bought one today ahha.  ALSO WE HAVE MONEY NOW! So that’s awesome. No more being poor for me!  I’ll see Kaleb Decker in a few weeks then! Ahah. I’m pretty stoked for that. I’m gonna go to the offices to see him when he gets here. ahah. 

Everything here is pretty great. My comp doesn’t really  talk, even in the house. Well he does a little bit, but I basically talk to myself and babble, and say random stuff like I always do. I’m writing a “Corrido,” which is like one of those cheesy Mexican songs you hear in La Palmera. I’ll have to sing it at Christmas. OH, I want a t-shirt with Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson on it for Christmas. ahah. 

Hope everything is going well! I’ll write Joe right now!  And also Tyler to see what’s up!  Tell him to check his email! 

Also these pictures are from Halloween and the day after ahah.That’s the toilet in the middle of our street – only in mexico... The members are super tight! There’s this one family I’ll have to write you about next week, but they’re hilarious, and I’m getting the accent down! The other day I got told that I don’t have a gringo accent at all, so that’s an improvement!

Love Elder Latimer

November 10, 2014

IM TRAINING A GRINGO! I’m gonna go get him tomorrow from the offices. Needless to say I’m beyond stoked. President Velez capacitated us today on our responsibilities as trainers it was pretty awesome. He really stressed the importance of being a trainer, and when all the missionaries go home they always say that their trainer affected them the most.

But I’m super excited to train. I feel like it will be super awesome and amazingly fun! We had a great day we found some super awesome people who all want to be baptized! I want to explain more but I don’t have a lot of time to write and my freaking keyboard is retarded so it’s like 1000 times harder to type. And I’m kinda bummed because our investigators who were all ready to be baptized had to move because their lights got cut off, and we kinda lost contact with them. But it all happens for a reason, I suppose.

I have awesome pictures to send and this computer sucks monkey butt so I’m bummed about that too. I don’t know what to really write right now. I usually write a lot. My ingrown toenail is growing back but that’s okay because I’m going back to the offices tomorrow, so I’ll ask the doctor. I was supposed to go get my fingerprints today for my visa, and I freaking called the offices to find out what time like 5 times, and they never answered. I figured it was for the transfers. I’m just bummed about the pictures. But I’m super stoked to train so everything is great. Everything right now is just like disorganized.

I’m glad everything is going great with you guys! People start Christmas here really early people already have lights up. The time here is passing so fast. JOSH COMES HOME SOON! That’s cray. It seems like he just left. I feel sorry for dad cuz he’ll have to edit this email. Ahah. Miss you all hope everything is going good. I really wish I could explain more from this week, but oh well there’s always next week.


P.S. I’ve lost like 20 pounds since I got to Mexico because there’s nowhere to work out, and we walk for like 10 hours a day up hills in super hot weather. Ahah

November 17, 2014

This week was pretty great. My companion and I get along great. He’s a good guy and a hard worker. We have a lot of fun together especially with the other missionaries. I feel likes its crazy how much Spanish I speak now compared to when I got here. I wouldn’t consider myself fluent, but I’m very, very comfortable now so I consider that a huge blessing from the Lord to be able to speak comfortable and express myself clearly.

I’ll talk about some of our investigators this week:

Rigo: Teenager who is 18 years old. He’s super awesome and wants to be baptized and serve a mission. The only thing is we can only teach him like once a week, but he learns really fast. We took him to a fireside for recent converts where the stake presidency talked and so did President Velez. He loved it. He got a picture of the temple in Hermosillo. He said he wants to share his testimony with everyone after he gets baptized so he’s super awesome

Edwin y Alma: A young couple sort of. They’re super awesome. They’ve been getting to know the church for a while now. They know a lot of missionaries, and Edwin wants to get baptized but his wife isn’t sure yet, but we have had a couple very spiritual lessons with them recently. I’m sure she’ll get an answer to her prayers very soon. 

Obdulia: Shes pretty awesome and is like 46 or something like that. She’s super friendly and cool but has a tough time coming to church. She’s gone before and came with us to a baptism, but she doesn’t have like really strong desires to go. She wants to go but has a lot of reasons not to, like work and visiting with her family and stuff. 

All the people here are super nice an stuff though. We’re visiting with a less active named Edgar, and he’s super friendly and wants to take us fishing! So that would be really cool to do because theres not a lot of cool stuff to do in our area. 

Things are going great with my companion Elder M. He’s from Utah. It’s really fun training, and I get to see all the progress he’s making. It’s weird to think I just finished my training, and now I’m training someone. Time goes by so fast. This time we have to serve is very short. I also finished D&C in Spanish the other day! So that was a milestone too. Now I just got to read the Bible. ahah. Old Testament is gonna be a bugger to read in Spanish.

I feel like I have gotten a huge testimony and knowledge of the scriptures from my mission. I’d share some spiritual insights, but I don’t know which one to pick. I love teaching people because I can apply scriptures I learn every day to different people so that’s a huge blessing, and it also helps me to really learn the scriptures when I teach with them.

Things are great here. Not a lot of crazy stuff happened this week, just getting settled in, and we have furniture and food and all the stuff you need to live now so that’s great. Elder M. is pretty cool. He’s one of those missionaries that I feel like wed be friends outside of the mission too so that’s awesome. I just feel bad because the other Elders are both Mexican so he kinda feels left out when we talk because he doesn’t quite speak Spanish yet. I remember feeling that way, but I think it will help him learn faster.

That’s so sad about Oliver!  I thought his leg to cut off at first! I almost freaked out, also I’m super bummed again right now because this computer almost erased my photos, and it won’t let me send any again. So be expecting a lot of photos next week. Next week give me like a question to answer in Spanish so I can think of something to write in Spanish for you guys! Miss you all! I’m excited for Christmas though even though it doesn’t get cold here. The weather is pretty awesome now though, but still not cold at all. Just refreshing. 

Love you all take care!